"I was extremely impressed that ESA was able to find two such diverse candidates in such a short period of time, to run two very different divisions for Quanta."
Luke Spalj, President, Quanta Services

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Completed Searches

Below are a few of our recent search successes in a variety of functions and industries:

$75 Billion Medical and Pharmaceutical Products Distributor
Vice President, Tax Services
Director, Sales and Marketing
$1.5 Billion Provider of Business Services
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Chief Financial Officer
$2 Billion Provider of Specialty Contracting Services
President, $50 Million Division
Vice President, Corporate Finance
Executive Vice President of Operations
$6 Billion Construction and Building Services Provider
President, Regional Manager
Vice President, Area Manager
$8 Billion Manufacturer of Industrial and Consumer Products
Vice President, Product Marketing
Vice President, Marketing
Director of Sales
Director, Channel Product Management
$7 Billion Manufacturer of Automation Solutions
Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Finance
Director, Human Resources
Leading Private Equity Group
President and CEO (Portfolio Company)
Chief Financial Officer (Portfolio Company)
Vice President, Marketing (Portfolio Company)
Leading Venture Capital Firm
Chief Financial Officer (Early Stage Portfolio Company)
Vice President, Sales and Marketing (Early Stage Portfolio Company)
$2 Billion Content Distribution Provider
Chief Information Officer
Vice President, International Sales
Vice President, Manufacturing
$2 Billion Distributor of Lab Equipment and Supplies
Vice President Finance, Controller
Vice President, Human Resources
Top 10 Bank Holding Company
Vice President, Executive Compensation
Vice President, Branch Network Sales
$12 Million High Tech Manufacturing Company
President and Chief Executive Officer

Case Studies

UltiVerse Communications

UltiVerse Communications was an early stage, venture funded internet messaging company that had built sales revenues to over $10 million on a revolutionary wireless product (precursor to BlackBerry) that allowed globe traveling executives to receive, read and respond to emails utilizing their cellular phones. At the time, a few ISP’s had introduced products that allowed individuals to receive emails via telephone, but none of these gave the user the capability of responding/replying to these emails. UltiVerse had received numerous awards for their cutting edge technology and had rolled out their technology with three Fortune 500 companies.

While UltiVerse had been successful signing up a number of large companies in their own backyard, revenues had stalled at $10 million with the lack of a well defined and targeted nationwide sales and marketing strategy. Although they had a sales and marketing executive in place, he was young and inexperienced in managing a nationwide rollout of a new technology. After consulting with the CEO and Founder, ESA recommended that the company move forward in a two pronged attempt to rapidly strengthen their product rollout and revenue generation efforts: a) hire an experienced VP Sales and Marketing and, b) add two directors to their four-member board each with significant expertise in new product introductions and sales growth. These board members should not only bring with them the above noted experience, but also a rolodex of contacts and potential customers and a level of gravitas/credibility that this early stage company lacked at the time.

ESA developed a search strategy with a source environment that included the top marketing driven B2B technology companies in the country. Titles included VPs of Sales, Marketing and Product Development within the larger companies and CEO, COO, Chief Marketing Officer and President in organizations under $200 million. A significant program of equity ownership for new board members was developed to attract the best candidates. After developing a list of approximately 150 executives with the right titles in the right companies, ESA embarked on an aggressive recruiting campaign to speak with as many of these as possible. Understanding that we needed three executives, two board members and a VP Sales & Marketing, a slate of 20 individuals was compiled after speaking with over 80 potential candidates.

This nationwide search involving 50 companies and over 150 potential candidates was completed in less than 100 days and resulted in the hiring of a world class Vice President, Sales & Marketing and two outstanding board directors who agreed to begin service immediately. The Vice President came from Sprint PCS where he was the VP Commercial Sales and had built a nationwide organization of B2B sales executives. The board members selected came from Cabletron Systems, Chief Marketing Officer, and from MarchFirst Consulting, EVP Business Development. This team had an immediate and dramatic effect on revenue growth and brand recognition driving UltiVerse to become the leader in the exploding wireless internet messaging marketplace. ESA continued to work with the company in building their sales, marketing and financial organizations. UltiVerse’s technology was eventually acquired by Research in Motion.
Quanta Services

Quanta Services is a leading provider of specialized contracting services, delivering end-to-end network services for the telecomunications, cable television and electric power industries. Quanta delivers their services through a nationwide network of experienced contracting firms headquartered in virtually every major metro area generating revenue exceeding $2 billion.

Quanta approached Executive Search Associates with a need to find experienced operating executives to run two of their larger operating units in the Northeast. A President was needed to run each of these $40 million + independent businesses which had grown dramatically over the past couple of decades, but had recently begun to plateau. They needed executives who knew the speciality contracting business; had project management, procurement and bidding experience in this competitive industry; and who would be able to aggressively lead these companies to the next level.

ESA’s search team developed two significantly different source environments for these projects because one company was a union shop, whereas the other was non-union. We conducted a nationwide search for individuals with over 15 years’ experience in the electrical contracting business. The executive for the non-union company would have to come from a highly technical engineering and architectural background. The union company must be led by someone who came up through the union and had excellent labor relations experience and rapport.

ESA was able to find two individuals who were perfect fits for the Quanta President positions. Joseph Bellucci had the necessary skills and industry knowledge to run The Ryan Company for Quanta. He had the nationwide, multiple-site project management experience, and, to the pleasant surprise of Quanta, he lived only 30 minutes away from the company offices. He joined Quanta from The Coken Group where he was Executive Vice President of Operations. John Badessa joined Quanta to run their other operating unit in Boston. John was the Rhode Island District Manager for Mass Electric, a division of Peter Kiewit. John holds current electric licenses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and is a member of Local 99 in Providence with excellent contacts throughout the union membership. Both Joe and John are making significant impacts in their new roles running these companies for Quanta Services.